M-POWERED: Personal Mastery Powered by Mindfulness


For the busy parent leader craving more calm, joy, and ease!

Do you feel like you aren’t able to respond to life’s unending demands and challenges with the kind of joy and ease you'd like ?

Imagine being able to manage stress and the challenges life throws your way with greater tolerance, better focus and more calm?

We invite you to our M-Powered  Mindfulness Series.

A program carefully designed for the busy parent leader who is craving an alternative to the stress and overwhelm. 

In this 21-Day self-guided program, you will learn to build skill in the 5 fundamental core powers of mindfulness allowing you become more RESPONSE-ABLE to all that life brings your way

In 21 micro-learning episodes of only 10-15 mins each, you'll receive:

  • The brain science backing the skill you're building 
  • Guided practices so you can actually practice building the skill  
  • Guidance on the practical application of that skill into your busy life

Each micro learning covers the 5 core powers of mindfulness:

  • Power of the Breath
  • Power of Awareness
  • Mastering Emotions
  • Mastering the Mind
  • Compassion (for self and others)

Sign up TODAY for access to:

  • 21-days worth of micro learning episodes PLUS 5 BONUS episodes!

  • Journaling prompts to help you integrate these skills into your life in a meaningful way

What People Are Saying:

This Meditation Series has absolutely changed my life. It has given me the tools and techniques to help me feel more in control of my thoughts, emotions, stress, and life! Thank you so much Sky & Rain for creating this amazing life changing series.

Christy R

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