Join us For The M-Powered 21 Day Mindfulness Series

“Sky and Rain are both so knowledgeable and passionate about their teachings and I highly recommend them to help guide you if you are searching for mindful understanding or practice”
J. J Kramer Regis


Do you sometimes feel like you aren’t able to respond to life’s chaos and unending demands with the kind of joy and ease you would like to?

Do you feel like you’re doing everything to be the best you can and yet it doesn’t feel like it's enough?

Imagine being able to manage stress and the challenges life throws your way with greater tolerance, better focus and more calm.

We invite you to our 21-Day M-Powered Meditation Series packed with guided meditations and journal prompts designed to help you harness your skillfulness around the 5 core powers of mindfulness; power of the breath, awareness, emotional mastery, mastering the mind, and compassion. 

Unlock a deeper sense of calm and resilience in less than 15 minutes per day. Allowing you to connect more fully with yourself and improve your relationship with others, enhance the quality of your life, stress less, and live more!

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“The M-Powered program and the tools and teachings I have been given through Sky and Rain have been Life Changing! The self work and desire HAVE always been there and Sky and Rain do a great job of holding space for you (and your hand) as you walk through this really exciting self growth”

C. Racho


“I really enjoyed tapping into my greater self and taking control of my conscious mind through the techniques I learnt with Rain and Sky. Mindfulness needs to be our #1 priority in today’s world and Rain and Sky can get you there”

A. Blake

We (Rain and Sky) are two soul sisters on a mission to help you experience life more fully. A life filled with more joy, liberation and ease.


“You Can’t Stop The Waves But You Can Learn To Surf.”  

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn  

We believe that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL and also hard and have experienced our fair share of life’s constant waves of chaos, grief, loss, uncertainty, and pain. 


These waves are non-stop and often overwhelming ! As parent leaders who are kicking butt at work and who care deeply about the quality of your relationships at home, managing the demands of life can often feel like we're drowning. 


The good news is, we have a choice! We can either drown or we can surf!⁠ ⁠

Mindfulness has become our surfboard allowing us to ride these crazy waves with more joy and ease. We’ve created this 21-day program to teach you how to make it yours too.


How this Program Can Change Your Life

This 3-Week Mindfulness Program Is Thoughtfully Designed To “M-Power” You To Build Mastery In The 5 Most Fundamental Personal Powers Mindfulness Has To Offer:

The Power of the Breath

Learning how to tap in to deeper levels of relaxation, release tension in the mind and body, and find more calm and stillness

The Power of Awareness

Learning how to sink in to a quality of presence that allows you to see life more clearly, uncovering valuable insights and gaining greater clarity on the issues and areas of your life that are most important to you…even things you may not yet be aware of

The Power of Mastering the Mind

The difference between misery and happiness is where you choose to put your attention. Mastering the mind is about learning how to gain command of your attention, weed out the unhelpful habitual thought patterns, and focus on the powerful thoughts that will allow you to create the reality you want for your life.

The Power of Emotional Mastery

With hard times comes hard emotions. We believe that emotional mastery is essential in learning how to direct your emotional states by increasing your emotional literacy and rewiring old emotional patterns making your emotions work for you.

The Power of Loving Kindness + Compassion

Build the tools to significantly improve the quality of your relationships by learning how to love yourself and others with a more open heart and increased resourcefulness.


With carefully designed mind training practices, you’ll learn to build mastery in each of these personal powers that you can apply across the various areas of your life...your work, your relationships, your parenting, and how you take care of you!

“Life Is The Practice And The Practice Is Life.”

‍~ Unknown

Knowing and doing are two different things. This program is intentionally designed to help you integrate these personal powers into your life enhancing your personal mastery at your own pace and flexibility; at home and at work, improving the quality of your relationship with yourself, your kids, your team, your family and loved ones, and boosting your resilience with a set of scientifically proven life skills.

What’s Included:

Daily Guided Meditation

10 to 15-minute mind training practices to help you really deepen and hone your skills in each of these personal powers. 

Journal Prompts

To help set intentions and inspire you into mindful action

3 Special Bonus Videos

1) Healing difficult emotions

2) Healing through self-compassion

3) Forgiving others with a heart of compassion


Wondering If This Program Is For You? It’s Either A HECK YES Or A HECK NO!

  • Are you serious about becoming a calmer, more relaxed version of yourself?

  • Are you ready to start responding differently to the stress and chaos of your busy life?

  • Are you actively committed to your growth and personal development?

  • Have you tried meditating and /or other forms of contemplative practices but haven’t been successful in sustaining your efforts?

  • Are you interested in starting or deepening your mindfulness practice? 

  • Are you ready to feel more resourceful, more resilient, better equipped to deal with the challenges of life?

  • Are you excited to be in community and connect with like-minded souls on the same mission to creating a more joyful life?

If You Answered Yes To Most Of The Questions Above, Then It’s A HECK YES!


Sky Jarrett

Sky Jarrett is a Transformational Leadership Coach and Mindfulness Instructor helping parent leaders stress less and live more! With combined expertise in brain-science, mindfulness, and leadership effectiveness, Sky supports her clients in cultivating the skills to unlock deep, life-changing personal transformation.

Having travelled the world supporting and speaking to corporate leaders, and community members across Europe, Asia, North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America for clients like Google, Enterprise, Carnival Cruise Line, Blue Cross Blue Shield, hp, and others, Sky has made it her life work to continue spreading her expertise, life lessons, and the gifts of mindfulness beyond the corporate walls.

Sky believes in living a life of meaning… one that leaves an imprint in the hearts, minds, and souls of the parent leaders she is honored to serve.

Rain Jarrett

Rain is a professor and subject matter expert on social and emotional learning & development, inclusion and diversity, mindful parenting, and mindfulness in schools.

With over 10 years of experience in the classroom Rain has extensive knowledge and specialized expertise in curriculum design & instruction in the areas of culture, race relations, sex, and gender. Being a parent, educator and certified mindfulness instructor has allowed Rain to cultivate a unique understanding of learning and development and applies her own mindful parenting tools in her daily life.  

Rain is passionate about spreading mindfulness to the lives of parent leaders, arming children and parents with the skills to build resilience and navigate life’s challenges. Rain strongly believes that by focusing on building resilience and creating more harmony in their life, people are able to have more positive experiences, live fuller lives and truly step into their greatness!